AMU Central

Academic programs
AMU Central

It offers programs of high academic and spiritual level. The student is trained mentally, morally and spiritually to be an agent of transformation. In addition, we have a highly recognized and trained faculty worldwide.

If you want to take one of our programs at AMU Central,

you must fill out the application under Admissions.


If you are already enrolled in our program,

you can register online to take the available classes.



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  • Fill out the admission application

  • Previous School Certifications

  • Recommendations, if required

  • Admission payment

  • Passport-type photo





AMU Central conducts classes from the facilities of the Alberto Mottesi Evangelistic Association.


Every six weeks AMU Central provides new terms (5 weeks of study) so that the student can obtain their degree in the desired time.






Basic costs related to college have to do with tuition expenses; which, in addition to books and school supplies, include:


Admission (one time only)

$ 45.00


Registration by subject

$ 80.00


Graduation cost

$ 100.00