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  • Preferably, you should have the gift of evangelization.

  • Ability and creativity to facilitate dialogue after each instructional video. 

  • Sense of responsibility.

  • Fill out and submit the facilitator application.

Requirements and Functions 

  •  Registration of graduate students.

  • Direct each course for a period of 5 weeks through videos and material provided by AMU.

  • Mediator between the virtual teacher and student.

  • Prepare before each presentation and be ready to answer student questions.

  • Download digital materials (for student), videos (instructor only), and additional material through Dropbox  AMU.

  • Review summary and tasks during the 5 weeks.

  • Collect the tuition payment and send it to AMU following the instructions of your center or church.

  • Coordinate with local pastors the graduation of students.

Aplicacion de Facilitador
Image by Thomas Lefebvre
Facilitator Request
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