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Sede Central

Sede Central

The offices and classes of the University work in a spacious and comfortable building, located at 888 W. Santa Ana Blvd. #200, corner with Flower St., in the city of Santa Ana, CA 92701. Next to the building, there is an illuminated and convenient parking area. We have a modest library. The physical environment induces learning and meditation. 

Blended classes

The curriculum is based on professional study videos, manuals, reading and discussion materials. It is in a classroom directed by an instructor



The number of terms per year is 6, the student must take two subjects by each term. Each school term lasts 7 weeks. 

Start here

If you are a new student and want to take a program at AMU Central, you must first fill out the admission application.



Basic costs related to college have to do with tuition expenses; which, in addition to books and school supplies, include:


Admission (one time only)

$ 45.00


Registration by subject

$ 80.00


Graduation cost

$ 100.00

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