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For some years the evangelist Alberto Mottesi, after a long, successful journey in the ministry of evangelization with some of his closest collaborators, began to dream and wonder what would be the legacy he would leave to future generations. Thus was born in his mind and heart the dream of an institution that could mark with the fire of the Holy Spirit, and enable with the Word a pleiad of men and women committed to the Lord to cover the most distant corners with the glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ from Southern California, to the United States, and to every nation on earth.


After a consultative meeting at the end of January 2002, Dr. Eduardo Font was invited, as Founding President, to organize, establish and direct an educational institution that would bear the name of Alberto Mottesi School of Evangelists, currently Alberto Mottesi University. On September 24 of the same year, at 6:30 in the afternoon, the doors of the School were opened and it was dedicated with a simple and emotional convocation to the Glory of God and in honor of Dr. Pablo Finkenbinder, known as Brother Pablo, one of the distinguished exhibitors of the Word and ministry mentor of the Alberto Mottesi Evangelistic Association.


Classes began with an enrollment of fifty-three women and men from Baja California and Southern California. During that first quarter, Dr. Alberto Mottesi taught the class entitled "The person whom God uses", and Dr. Eduardo Font, "Theology of evangelization."


Two years later, the faculty accepted the challenge of establishing a publishing house from which the professors of the School, in particular, could publish the results of their research. In the first half of 2006, the publishing house with the name Editorial Kerygma was inaugurated along with the publication of his first work, Passing the Torch, a collaborative effort of nine teachers.


Due to the magnanimity of God in blessing our School with an excellent faculty, and with a student body dedicated to training and exercising with dedication the propagation of the gospel, Christian leaders of the Hispanic world requested the presence of the School in cities of other latitudes. Although the School received this request for several years, it was during the 2008-2009 school year that it was resolved to accept the challenge of taking the School internationally. During 2009-2010 the curriculum, the design of the classes and the planning of international centers were developed. In July 2010, the first International Center was inaugurated in Tijuana, Mexico. The plans were and are to reach hundreds of cities on five continents.


At the meeting of the Board of Directors of the Alberto Mottesi Evangelistic Association, on September 18, 2018, after an extension and significant curricular review, updating and re-recording of the subjects, and projecting the entire degree online, such as the creation of three master's degrees, it was decided to begin the process of transforming the School into a university assuming the name of Alberto Mottesi University.


By the Grace of God and the generosity of collaborators and people who have promoted evangelism and have believed in the honesty and fidelity of this ministry, today we have a University where the seriousness of commitment before God and the movement of the Spirit can be breathed, while the message is academically grounded that will be proclaimed in season and out of season throughout the earth.  


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