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AMU Instructors

Each Instructor is committed to the mission of PASSING THE TORCH OF EVANGELIZATION to the emerging generation through our program, preparing men and women with the DNA of Alberto Mottesi University, and with the passion to win the world for Christ and change their culture in the name of Jesus.

Instructor Requirements
Requirements for an Instructor
  • Preferably, you should have a Bachelor's degree in Biblical-Theological Studies or its equivalent, or have a long history of pastoral experience.

  • Ability and creativity to teach.

  • Sense of responsibility.

  • Complete an application to become a CI Instructor and receive approval from the School Management.  

Functions of the Instructor of a Center
  • Lead the class during a period of 5 weeks through videos and material provided by AMU.

  • Student enrollment.

  • Mediator between virtual teacher and student.

  • Prepare before each presentation and be ready to answer questions for students.

  • Download digital materials (for student), videos (instructor only), and additional material through Dropbox AMU.

  • Facilitate the exam and score.

  • Review summary and assignments during the 5 weeks.

  • Collect the payment for registration, deduct the assigned percentage, make the deposit to AMU Central.

  • Date entry to the administrative platform in AMU such as registration, files, application and maintenance of appropriate formats.

funcionamiento del centro
Operation of a Center
  • The Center must have weekly classes to be able to fully satisfy the requirements of the material of each subject and to enable the completion of the subject within the alloted course of five weeks.

  • Have sufficient technological equipment to be able to project the classes (we suggest having a television or projector with a screen).

  • Have a place with space for 25 people or more.

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